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material form. It is threatened not by deficiency
but by excess. It is plethoric. It is not lying
down to die through physical exhaustion ; it
is knocking itself to pieces.
Measured by any standards except human
contentment and ultimate security, mankind
appears to be much wealthier now than in 1918. \
The quantities of power and material immediately \
available are much greater. What is called pro-
ductivity in general is greater. But there is
sound reason for supposing that a large part of this
increased productivity is really a swifter and more
thorough exploitation of irreplaceable capital,
It is a process that cannot go on indefinitely.
It rises to a maximum and then the feast is over.
Natural resources are being exhausted at a great
rate, and the increased output goes into war
munitions whose purpose is destruction, and into
sterile indulgences no better than waste. Man,
" heir of the ages ", is a demoralised spendthrift,
in a state of galloping consumption, living on
When we look into the statistics of population,
there is irrefutable proof that everywhere we are
passing a maximum (see for this Enid Charles's
The Twilight of Parenthood, or R. R. Kuczynski's
Measurement of Population Growth) and that a
rapid decline is certain not only in Western